A Holiday Poem


With Thanksgiving gone,

It seems there’s nothing to do,

Don’t fret quit yet…

We’ve got news for you!

Christmas is coming,

And Hanukkah too!

When holidays come running,

Joyfully play your kazoo!

Lights glow on the tree

Gifts for you and me.

“Santa’s coming soon!”

Our parents guarantee.

The menorah’s glowing bright,

Dreidel keeps on spinning,

Latkes cook in the kitchen,

We can’t stop our grinning!

Winter Solstice is soon,

So stare up at the moon!                                           

Once it has passed over,

We can fight our holiday hangover.

As this new year begins,

We reflect on all our sins,

And try to start fresh,

With a whole bunch of wins.

As we say goodbye to 2016,

A year that has been frankly quite mean,

Let’s hope this new year will be our best

And that 2017 will be one big love fest.


Love, Hoshaiah & Margo

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