A Poem for Obama

Dear Obama,


From the prizes you won,

Nobel or none,

You will be missed,

‘Cause your presidency is done.

Thank you so much

For the eight years of fun.


You passed many a bill,

With Affordable Care Act

I can get me a pill!

And when it comes to Bin Laden

Boi, you lost your chill.


The war in Iraq

Wasn’t much fun

And now we’re all glad

That it is done.


We’re pretty upset that you can’t play the tuba,

But you made it up

When you welcomed us back to Cuba.

Hanging out with the Dalai Lama,

A guy kinda like Buddha,

Made us all shout

Hooray, Hallelujah!


We fell in love with your wife,

When she encouraged young kids

to pick up a knife,

Chop up some veggies,

And go get a life.


Your dogs Bo and Sunny

were big wonderful joys,

As they pranced on the front lawn

playing with toys,

And good luck with keeping your daughters

away from the boys.


Speaking of which,

Though Sasha’s still young

and finishing school,

Malia partying with Bey

is making us drool.

The truth is your family’s pretty darn cool.


You beat out Romney and McCain,

And yes, you went gray,

But nevertheless you somehow stayed sane.

Even though we were worried

about your bulging neck vein,

You used your presidency to keep us from shame.


And though you had so much to handle,

Through it all, there was never a scandal.

And up to you, few hold a candle.

Thank you for setting such a good example.


Here’s to many more rounds of golf.



Hoshaiah & Margo

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