Boku no Hero Academia: How does season 2 compare?

The second season of “Boku no Hero Academia” is in it’s tournament battle arc and the cliffhangers are sucking the life out of me each and every week. The anime does a great job keeping up a solid pace and genuinely making me interested in what happens next, but all of this is because of the character development from season one. And luckily for us, there is even more character development in season two that truly overshadows the plot.

The tournament arc definitely lives up to the second season hype and started the first episode insanely strong. The pace is fast here and a lot happens that sets the stage for the nationally televised tournament where students from UA High School battle it out in a sports festival with the use of their Quirks, supernatural abilities.

But I don’t want to focus on who advances to the first round, goes to the knockout stage and wins the championship. While the battles and animation during the tournament battles are exciting, I’m most invested in the character development which makes the second season truly shine.

Amidst the action, I developed a strong liking for Shoto Todoroki,  a wielder of ice and fire. He is a solemn teenager carrying a tragic burden and a strong desire for his own form of revenge. His backstory also perfectly matches the main character of any typical shounen anime.

Todoroki’s father, Endeavor, is the second highest ranked hero in the world, and we soon learn he is the epitome of the father who wills his own hopes and aspirations onto his own son.

In a new world full of inheritable Quirks, artificial selection becomes tempting among humans to combine extraordinary powers. This is where Todoroki comes in as a product of his famed father and bought mother.

The second season of the anime shows us Todoroki has a tragic backstory, strong desire for revenge and uncomparable power, but he is still not the main character of the anime. Instead, Todoroki is just one of the many well-developed characters in Boku no Hero Academia.


The second season of “Boku no Hero Academia” is definitely worth your time as it continues from where season one ended and most importantly, gives us more character development to the characters we have come to love.

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