Celebrating Halloween throughout high school


This year Halloween falls on a Saturday, saving those staying out late from the pain of going to school the morning after. Although it’s mainly children 12 and under still roaming the streets in costumes, every year rogue freshmen can be found knocking on doors asking for candy. Ninth grade is basically eighth grade, which is basically seventh grade, which is basically sixth grade so basically they can still trick-or-treat. If their freshmen legs get too tired walking the streets, nice moms in SUV’s can pick them up and drive them from house to house.

Sophomore year, also known as year of the cat, makes an annual appearance; tall black kitties, naughty school girls, and police women with handcuffs will replace your friends. In fact anything sexy goes, even the notorious sexy nuns. Despite the effort sophomores devote to their costumes, many can be found lounging around at home on Halloween night, catching up on tv shows, passing out candy and, most commonly, sleeping. Without rides they’re stuck.

The party don’t start till’ the juniors walk in. Halloween is like the Junior class’s collective 21st birthday, just imagine Jay Gatsby’s parties in the year 2015. Looking at social media the next day and you’ll feel as if you went yourself. Juniors dress up every day of their life, so Halloween is the one day they forget the costumes and go as their true selves.

The senior class is like one big fam. Celebrating their last Halloween together will probably result in the rekindling of old friendships and sitting in one big circle sharing feelings. Everyone from the class of 2016 is invited, the only requirement is to bring warm fuzzy Disney movies and lots of candy.

No matter the amount of likes on your insta, re-tweets on twitter, or friends on Facebook, there’s something fun for you to do on Halloween. Whether it’s asking strangers for candy, partying like it’s your birthday, or just getting together with friends, it’s always a night to remember.