Consent Committee Creating Discussion

The Lake Oswego Consent Committee (LOCC) posted a tweet with the link to a Fox 12 KPTV article that listed a student’s name and booking photo, regarding allegations of a sexual abuse charge. This tweet caught the attention of many LOHS students fairly quickly. Along with students, parents became aware of the tweet that linked the student’s name and took issue with it. Within 20-30 minutes of the tweet being posted, LOCC was instructed to delete the tweet, per Principal Cindy Schubert’s request. Schubert’s biggest concern was that the article they chose to link did not have the student’s best interest in mind.

“I saw that up there (the tweet) and parents emailed with concern about the student and that his name and photo had been linked and so I had reached out to the group,” commented Schubert. “Then I read on their Twitter mission statement ‘respect for all’ and so I wanted to reach out and say, ‘hey let’s have a conversation about this.’ ”

Members of LOCC took issue with the demand but ultimately did delete the tweet.  “We were upset but of course we respected her wishes for the safety of the student,” commented junior Pia Fornell, one of the members of LOCC. “It was difficult because we felt it was silencing us.”

LOCC later met with Schubert to discuss the reasons behind Schubert’s request to take it down and also how to prevent situations like these in the future. Technically there is no written rule or statement stating that the group was in any type of violation, but Schubert felt it was an act against what LOCC stands for and mainly took issue with the fact that the article included in the tweet gave out the student’s personal information.

“If we don’t have honest conversations with one another it becomes hard to grow. It’s about having a mutual respect and decency for another human being,” commented Schubert.

“In consent culture, they really talk about respecting each other, and I think that goes more than one way,” stated Schubert. “It’s not just boys respecting girls but it’s about mutual respect. It goes beyond sex and our bodies.”

Five students from LOHS created a consent culture committee in winter of 2014. The purpose of the Lake Oswego Consent Club (LOCC) was to raise awareness about rape and consent culture to the community and students of Lake Oswego. LOCC held their first seminar on Jan. 12, 2015. The club held the seminar in the auditorium due to the large turnout. Guest speakers came in and spoke about relevance of rape culture, the legalities of rape and sexual assault and how the media portrays it.

Fornell said, “ We are a group of junior girls in PAS aiming to educate our student body on sexual assault and help create a culture of yes means yes.”