Donald Trump: Still Putting the Twit into Twitter

Well, it’s official. America has somehow elected Donald J. Trump as its President. Trump is well known for hurling childish insults and using incorrect facts, many of which he shares on Twitter. But now that he’s become president-elect, Trump is facing his greatest challenge yet: convincing the American people he has the ability to conduct himself like a mature adult.

After getting over the initial shock of winning, Trump gave his victory speech. Interestingly, Trump’s victory speech was devoid of his usual childish jabs at Hillary Clinton, who he instead thanked for her years of service to America. He made unification sound like his goal, as opposed to his normal “build-a-wall” style comments. Clearly, becoming President has forced Trump to conduct himself in a more mature way. Or so it seemed.

Then he went back on Twitter. It had been reported that Trump’s campaign team seized control of the account in November with the intention of vetting every one of his tweets before sending it. However, looking at Trump’s recent tweets makes it apparent that he has either regained the reins of his Twitter account, or that the person in charge of making sure his tweets aren’t terrible is just horribly incompetent.

Trump’s tweets after his victory were not immediately appalling. One could think that he was trying to conduct himself presidentially or at least that his team was doing a good job monitoring him. Then on Nov 10, Trump decided to call the people protesting his victory “paid protestors.” Way to unite the country and reach out to those who disagree with you, Donald! It seemed that someone in the Trump campaign realized how bad that sounded, since the next day Trump tweeted, “Love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. We will all come together and be proud!”

Unfortunately, the “paid protesters” tweet is far from an isolated incident. Between tweets about those who congratulated him on winning, Trump has found time to repeatedly insult the New York Times. Recently, Trump has continued to prove that he truly cannot take being made fun of by tweeting that “Saturday Night Live” is a “biased” show and saying that Alec Baldwin’s imitation “just can’t get any worse.” He has also tweeted that burning the American flag should be a crime punishable by prison or deportation, insulted union leader Chuck Jones after Jones revealed that Trump was  exaggerating how many jobs he saved in his deal with Carrier, and stated that he did win the popular vote, if you deduct the “millions of people who voted illegally.”

When the cast of “Hamilton” gave a message to Mike Pence about representing everyone in America, Trump tweeted that “Our wonderful future V.P. Mike Pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of Hamilton, cameras blazing.This should not happen!” Trump got into a Twitter argument with “Hamilton” actor Brandon Dixon, despite the fact that Pence said that the actor’s comments did not offend him. Showing all of his maturity and cleverness, Trump said that he heard that “Hamilton” was “highly overrated.” Trump has since deleted the tweet that specifically targeted Dixon, leaving everyone wondering why he doesn’t delete his tweets more often.

Trump’s Twitter is a testament to his many unpresidential qualities. He is always hurling childish insults at anyone who he perceives as criticizing him. When he is not starting pointless arguments, he is just stroking his own ego in increasingly ridiculous ways. Trump will not be the President who unites people if all he does is insult and put himself above them. We should not have a President who tweets things that are so bad that he later deletes them. The obvious solution for this problem is for Trump to grow up and start acting like a mature adult. But since that seems unlikely, a good first step for Trump in at least finding less ways to make a fool of himself would be to quit using social media, especially Twitter. If he does not want to quit using social media to help out his own image, then Trump should at least do it for his first lady, who apparently has not yet realized the irony of choosing fighting cyber-bullying as her first lady cause.

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