Fake News on the Rise

The development of widespread Internet access and the natural human love for gossip has made it very easy for fake news to spread across the country and world. It is hard to tell real from fraudulent anymore with easy photo editing and the ability to access an unlimited amount of information at record speeds.

News and the right to press have been engraved in American freedom for hundreds of years, but now, with the advancements of technology and the ability to quickly spread news seems as though humans have taken advantage of this basic right.

We are no longer in the days of the Pony Express, or even air mail. If you have something to say, you can say it and millions of people who will, in turn, have access to it within seconds.

Fake news has always been something that people have dealt with and it has historically been obvious and easy to tell real from fake simply because false claims are usually outrageous. The scary thing however is that now you can hardly tell real from fake and lies from truth because there are so many ways to make a story seem real.

There are hundreds of companies, such as “The National Enquirer” that are made simply to tell fake news, specifically celebrity gossip in this case, and deceive the population. They have always been known as a gossip company, but now new and old websites, are being categorized because fake articles have been discovered on their page. For example, “The Washington Post,” once a very respectable news source was recently proven to tell fake news. It has now gotten to a point where we cannot go online and look at an article without questioning its authenticity.

The recent election has been engulfed in fake news and “alternative facts” and it has just become a part of life. We have to adapt and are forced to become part of the world where we cannot trust our news. Even the most reputable sources have been known to write fake news.

It is horrifying to think that we can so easily be deceived into believing something that can be so false. We love drama, it’s just human nature, however, these companies have dwelled and exploited this want for the worst and have used it to contaminate the news.

We have to learn how to cope with these new advancements and be aware of a changing world and continue to learn to adapt and uncover the truth in this world masked with lies.

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