Follow Up on Racist Graffiti Found in LOHS Bathroom

On Mar. 1, 2017, Lake Views reported on the incident of three racial slurs found in three boys bathrooms around the school. Since this report, Lake Oswego High School administration and students have taken action to respond to the incident.  

The first action taken by the administration was contacting the Lake Oswego Police Department on Wednesday evening. The writing found in the bathroom is racially motivated vandalism, requiring a police investigation.

In addition to contacting the police, Principal Rollin Dickinson and ASB president Keon Feldsien made statements on Thursday morning to the student body. Dickinson started his statement with,

“Yesterday morning there were multiple instances of racist graffiti on the walls of our bathrooms. We contacted the Lake Oswego Police Department yesterday and are doing our own investigation as well. We apologize for the pain this causes our students, our staff, and this community.” He went on to praise the community’s response, stating, “I was impressed by how proactive our students were in responding to and even cleaning up the graffiti yesterday, and I know that our students and staff have been having many meaningful discussions today as they process all of this together, support each other, and move forward with purpose.”

The administration was not alone in their response. According to Dickinson students were coming in all day to report the vandalism and ask what they could do to help fix it. There were also stories of students taking it upon themselves to clean up the racist writing.

Junior Slimm Hudson, is one of the few black students at LOHS. Regarding the recent racist incident, Hudson commented, “It hurts how much I put into this school and how much love I have for it and how I try so hard to continue to persevere through obstacles, yet I can be shot down so low where I don’t even want to show my face in the halls.”

Junior Cameron Ivory, another one of the few black students at LOHS was outraged at the recent events. He said “If a black student in this school had written anything like “kill the white people” or “f**k white people,” we’d instantly be suspended, probably facing legal troubles. But you flip it and have a white kid write what they did, it’s supposed to be taken as a crude joke, and that’s not fair.”

As of right now, no one has been found responsible for the graffiti. School administration and the LOPD are still investigating.

LOHS will continue with monthly Laker Seminars to discuss the issues of race intolerance. Hudson stated, “I want to continue to support diversity and continue with the seminars,but it’s really hard to look for a promising future as of right now.”

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