Good luck on your finals, Lakers!

Finals are just around the corner, Lakers. Even though we all really want to do well on our exams, it is important for us to keep in mind that our mental and emotional health always takes priority over our scores.

Throughout this week, remember that your grades do not define you. Instead, focus on supporting your peers and being your own best friend. The traits you display this week show more about who you are than the results of your Calc final.

To reduce some stress, check your priorities. Set yourself up for success in your studying by seeing which classes will be most beneficial to study for and in which order. Study for an hour or so and then take a ten minute break and repeat! Use bright colors, timers and other organizers to help keep yourself on task. Eat lots of high protein foods and try to cut back on high calorie comfort foods that are loaded with sugars.

Most importantly, amidst all of the studying, make time for you! Meditate, take a nap, spend time outside, hug your family! Drink some tea, watch some funny YouTube videos. Overall, just take care of yourself. It cannot be said enough: Take care of yourself, take care of yourself, take care of yourself. Remember that this will all be over soon!

Time to rally, Lakers! We can do it!

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