Lake Oswego girls lacrosse is bringing the heat!

Lake Oswego girls varsity lacrosse team poses after their state championship win against OES. Photo Credit OGLA.

Tension was high as two very competitive girl lacrosse teams, LOHS and OES, fought for the title of state champions. Defending their title, the LO girls varsity lacrosse team swept OES 13-3 in the state championship game on May 25.

Junior Carlie Leach stood out during the game, scoring seven goals and winning the title of MVP. The crowd was riled and maintained energy throughout the game. “The final whistle was a moment none of us will ever forget,” junior Garland Horwitz said. “We sprinted to goal and dog piled Riley. Then we cheered and shook hands with OES and celebrated with our fans.”

During the season, senior Riley Hertford, senior Lauren Gilbert and junior Carlie Leach stood out for their excellent performances. Goalie Riley Hertford ended the season with an incredible 48.4 save percentage. Lauren Gilbert ended the season with 97 goals and Carlie Leach followed close behind with 84 goals. The team had a remarkable season this year, winning all in state games and successfully defending the title of state champions!

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