Let It Snow Review

If you are the kind of person who will want to snuggle up with a nice cup of eggnog and sit by the fire reading a sweet romance story with a happy ending this is for you. “Let it Snow” is a book with three different stories carefully woven together in the small town of Gracetown by the biggest snowstorm in the past 50 years.


“The Jubilee Express,” written by Maureen Johnson features Jubilee. She thought she was going to have the perfect Christmas with her perfect boyfriend but fate had other plans when her parents are put in jail and she has to go to Florida to stay with her grandparents. Her train never makes it though because of the snowstorm leaving her stuck outside of Gracetown. As she treks through the snow, ice and the isolation of this Christmas she is forced to acknowledge the stark reality of her unhappiness. Was it because of the series of unfortunate events or because her perfect love is not so perfect after all?


“A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle” by John Green takes the perspective of Tobin, a resident of Gracetown. Flights to Gracetown are grounded, leaving his parents stranded in another state. He and his two friends, the Duke and JP, are content spending Christmas Eve watching James Bond movies until their friend calls announcing there are cheerleaders at the Waffle House. Immediately the two boys are sparked to life searching for more suitable attire to charm cheerleaders. The Duke, meanwhile is adamant about staying at the house rather than dealing with the cheerleaders. Eventually she is persuaded through the power of hash browns to join in the adventure to the Waffle House. Only, this adventure is about anything but cheerleaders.


The third story, “The Patron Saint of Pigs” written by Lauren Myracle, focuses on the life of Addie, another resident of Gracetown. She has the blues after breaking up with her boyfriend, but she was not entirely blameless. Though her self centered nature clouds her vision, with the help of a pig, she goes on a journey (but not a very far one) of self discovery, opening her eyes to the world around her. And maybe, just maybe, she will be able regain the one she lost.
“Let is Snow” will leave you with a warmed heart during this snowy holiday season. You will be a witness to the magic of the holidays as the unlikeliest of people find romance and those who are broken, mend.

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