Letter to the Editor: LOHS ASB

To Whom It May Concern,

Every year the ASB puts on the Canned Food Drive. In past years it has taken place during November or December, but we sought a change this year. The Oregon Food Bank accepts multitudes of food donations during the holiday season – so much in fact, that they often must turn away donors. We chose to hold our food drive in January to alleviate shortages following the high demand for food in November and December, a choice the ASB made following much deliberation.
As an ASB we worked constantly to get people involved. We publicized the event endlessly, on paper, online and in person. With our decorated cans in the main hallway, as well as the can sculptures outside the ASB room, we trust that the student body was well aware we were holding this drive. As a school, however, we only raised about 3,000 cans. As an ASB, we are at our wits end trying to think of ways to get people involved. From competition to candy grams, we have tried to make donating fun and relevant, but nothing seems to be working. We want to have a Canned Food Drive as great as everything else we do, but we look to you, the students of Lake Oswego High School, to do this. How can we incentivize you to donate to the hungry? There are people at our school, in our district and across our state who need your help. We would love input and suggestions from students to figure out what to do differently next year, and make the LOHS Food Drive something we are all proud of.