Letters to the Editor: Laker Log Staff

Dear Lake Views Editorial Stall,

While we acknowledge that last year’s yearbook was subpar, to say the least, we would still like to clarify a few points made in your Op-Ed entry in last month’s issue of Lake Views.  Firstly, we plan to make this year’s yearbook cleaner, with fewer, but more powerful pictures, and include much more personal, concise writing.  This year’s staff was wrongly accused for the shortcomings of last year’s yearbook.  You are correct in saying that some of the proofreading was cursory, at best.  However, this year, we are ensuring absolute perfection by having all seven editors check over each page, in addition to our NEW yearbook adviser, Jami Wray.

The editorial staff responsible for last year’s mishaps was complacent and as a result, the staff was asked to use a number of photos from Facebook; oftentimes, we did not have enough photos to fill an entire page.  This year is different.  We are not using any Facebook photos.  We have a dedicated team of photographers who have been instructed in taking proper photos.  We can promise that this year’s pictures will be higher-quality, professional, and aesthetically pleasing.  Lastly, we have had professional photographers and professional designers come in and instruct us on proper photography and layout design skills.

We are taking many steps toward making this year’s yearbook a phenomenal experience.  All students can expect to receive the yearbook in the spring, and can look forward to the first signing day in many years at LOHS.  GET EXCITED.


Laker Log Staff

Lake Oswego High School’s Yearbook Staff