Letters to the Editor: William Feng

Hey Lake Views staff!

Like most people who are handed the newspaper in class, my first decision (not regarding my conscience) was to flip through the contents of the paper for the most eye-pleasing articles. When flipped to the back, the ‘Yearbook: “Under Construction”’ article caught my attention and provided me an intense read that was horrifically critical, agreeable, and stark.

Although ex-Yearbook staff members might’ve felt negative emotions from an article that reveals their tarnished effort and legacy, I thought this article was probably one of the best editorials I’ve read this year in terms of quality and stance. It’s often rare for me to find strong Op-Eds that directly address LOHS issues because the risk of getting local backlash can be intense.

Anyway, I praise the writer of this article for the strong opinion, great evidence, and very relatable style (shame he/she didn’t credit his/her name!). I also hope more Op-Eds that directly address LOHS may come up soon.


William Feng

Lake Oswego High School Sophmore