LOHS Holiday Traditions

It’s that time of year again. Time to drag out the musty holiday decorations you’ve been hoarding in your attic. Time to make last minute trips to the mall trying to figure out what in the world you are going to give as presents. Time to rush to the store to search for ingredients you know will not be there. We all do the same thing yet we all do something different to celebrate the holidays. Here are some holiday traditions from Lake Oswego High School Students.


“We go to PF Chang’s for Christmas Eve. My grandma and grandpa are divorced so we go with my grandpa and my uncle. We just decided we didn’t want Christmas food two days in a row so we have PF Chang’s instead. Then on Christmas my Grandma comes over and we have the traditional Christmas morning.” – Kamilla Chmarny

“After we open presents we play cards. We play 21. My parents, aunts, and uncles play blackjack and all that. Then my little cousins play goldfish.” – Tiffany Le

“When we get together with my dad’s side of the family we have this huge cookie decorating contest. Everyone bakes and we have like 500 cookies. We get this colored frosting then decorate for a whole day. Some people get super into and get a little too hard core. We usually award prizes but everyone gets a prize. Last we did it my sister got an ugly sweater and I got a pack of cards. The best part is we have cookies for weeks… well weeks is optimistic, more like days. We should have cookies for weeks but you know.”  – Morgan Loyd

“We open gifts on Christmas Eve and we don’t do anything on Christmas.” – Skye McCullough

“Every Christmas morning my mom makes dutch baby pancakes.” -Tatum Miller

“My family always makes a bunch of batches of snickerdoodles and deliver them to family and friends.”- Lily Sieber

“A holiday tradition my family has is that we hide a little bell on the tree, and you aren’t allowed to shake the tree. If you shake the tree everyone has to go outside, and we have to hide the bell again.” – Isaiah Updegraff

“We always make monkey bread and egg casserole for Christmas. It takes about four hours in the morning.”- Emma Winter

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