LOHS Offers New Classes

With a new school year comes the start of many new classes. This year LOHS has added 11 classes to its curriculum that have caused much excitement among students. The social studies department received the largest expansion, adding Women’s’ Studies, AP Psychology, School to Farm and Eastern Civilization.

Introduction to Women’s Studies created quite a buzz last year when juniors (now seniors) Meghan Smith, Veronica Sackville-West and Rachel Bard leveraged the PAS class in order to create a Women’s Studies Class that would end the gender inequality in education by educating students of more feminist history. While describing the class, senior Kamala Woods said, “I like the class because it introduces ideas and discussion that I’ve never encountered before in a classroom setting. We not only talk about feminism and the harsh misogyny facing women today, but we also talk about race issues, gender issues, issues with the patriarchy, issues with capitalism.”

Eastern Civilization, taught by Mike Noble, is another class that strives to educate students on parts of history that is often glossed over in the mandated history curriculum. This class replaced Western Civilization, aiming to talk more about the Persian Empire, Afghanistan, Russia, South Asia, China, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Indonesia.

Another class Noble is teaching is AP Psychology. This class takes the study of psychology a step deeper as well as gives students the opportunity to obtain college credit for the course. “I took AP Psych because I want to go into premed in college so having experience in psych will be really helpful. Especially because introductory psych is a required class to get into med school. Also I find the mind, from Neuroscience to the subconscious, to be really interesting” says senior Steve Dobrioglo. “The fact that you can apply psychology to everyday applications makes it a good class!”

School to Farm, taught by Andrew Duden, is another unique class that will allow students to gain an actual understanding of farming and the methodology and significance behind it. Taught at Luscher Farm, this class gives students a hands-on learning experience and skills that are untraditional to usual school courses.

More classes that were added are Speech and Debate, Broadcast Journalism, Photography, AP Chinese and Language, Programming Projects, and LINK.

After years of fighting for a Speech and Debate class, this year the club was finally granted an independent study. As Junior Laura Jiang says, “I’m a little bit nervous and stressed taking the class because of the point [grading] system and how daunting the task seems but I’m also excited to get more time to work on debate and getting some sort of motivation to work on my debate during the school day!”

Broadcasting Journalism is another exciting addition, teaching students how the news and modern day media can be woven together. In this semester long course, Stephanie Leben will teach students how to produce the news videos. “I like it because it’s mostly student driven” said junior Alex Li. “Ultimately it functions as a creative outlet which in most cases is pretty fun”

The arts department added Photography, taught by Corrie Rosensteel, will help students advance their skills to take better photos and explore different methods of photography.

AP Chinese and Language, taught Cilei Han, was added so students can pursue the study of Chinese past Chinese 5. LINK is taught by Lisa Evonuk and helps students to be proactive in their education and develop leadership skills. “There are many aspects of the class that I enjoy, particularly working together and collaborating with the five other students on the planning team, and the fact that Mr. Moore gives us a lot of freedom to develop and carry out our ideas,” said junior Harrison Newgard.

Programming Projects teaches students basic programming skills that they can expand on in their free time or into college. Taught by Chris Hill, this class is the first of its kind at LOHS.

The many new classes that were added this year has create a more dynamic curriculum for LOHS students.  Now students can pursue more interests within a classroom setting school and explore more of their hobbies and enjoyments.