Mcgregor Wants Stake in UFC

In just three years in the UFC, Conor McGregor has turned himself into one of the most outspoken, flamboyant and wealthy athletes in all of sports. After his 67 second knockout of Marcus Brimage in his UFC debut on April 6, 2013, McGregor hasn’t looked back, winning nine of his first 10 fights, and becoming the first to ever hold a UFC championship belt in multiple weight classes simultaneously.

Although he is possibly the greatest to ever step inside the octagon, his skills aren’t the main reason why so many people consider themselves a fan. McGregor’s charismatic comments during press conferences and post fight interviews draw the attention of sports lovers throughout the world, and give them interest in his story. He continues to test the boundaries of

what is acceptable in sports and shows no regard for the way he acts.

In 2016, McGregor shattered Floyd Mayweather’s record for most combat sport pay-per-view sales in a calendar year with over 4.5 million in three fights. With each fight selling for $60, and McGregor taking home a sizeable piece of the pot, his collection of exotic cars makes a little more sense.

Despite his impressive income this year, McGregor made it clear to the UFC that he wasn’t satisfied. Following his most recent victory at UFC 205, McGregor said to the media, “They’ve got to come talk to me now. I’ve got both belts, family on the way. If you want me to stick around, if you want me to keep doing (this), let’s talk. But I want the ownership now. I want the equal share. I want what I deserve, what I’ve earned.”

On July 11 of this year, the UFC was sold to the talent agency WMEIMG for just over $4 Billion. As part of the acquisition, American icons such as Tom Brady, Serena Williams, Mark Wahlberg and Sylvester Stallone have also come on as minority owners, along with about 30 others. After breaking the UFC’s pay- per-view sales record in back to back fights, McGregor was a major contributor to the company’s massive price tag, and he doesn’t fail to recognize it. Although it may be unlikely, it doesn’t seem unreasonable for him to be awarded a stake in the business.

McGregor is revolutionizing sports as we know it. There’s a lot of athletes that are good at getting in their opponent’s head, and even fewer that share level of skills, but no one combines the two quite like him. It would be a tragedy for the UFC to let this request get in the way of the exponential growth that McGregor provides them as well as the entertainment of people around the world.

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