Michael Murray

Michael Murray is less than a month into his freshman year as a Laker and already making a splash in a school of high achievers as the leader of Hunger Fighters.  What started as a club, is now an official organization that will be opening a food pantry in October.  With a presence in the club scene at the high school, LOJ, and elementary schools in the future, Michael Murray and the Hunger Fighters club are making a big impact on our community with their hard work.

How did you get the idea and when did it start?

I was looking for something to do in 6th grade, so I thought about starting a club. The best thing that came to mind was a club that actually helped other people.

Who else is involved?

Big player picture there’s the Superintendent, the rotary club has given us quite a bit of money and support, and a few middle school teachers. Student wise, we have about five students who do leadership work.

What is your role?

If you want to call it, the official name its President Chairman, but I’m not really one for titles.

Are you involved in any other extra curriculars?

Speech and Debate, coed soccer and city league basketball with friends

This spring you won an award and got to go to Washington DC, can you talk about your trip and how that came about?

Credential Spirit of Community award. My club advisor who originally started with me in 6th grade gave me the application.  We both got to fly to Washington DC. It was really good to meet other people with a passion for community service.