Notoriety Doesn’t Make You Cool, Being a Good Person Does

Despite what any of us tell ourselves, we are all self-conscious. Whether it’s societal, academic or peer pressures, we all want to be perfect in as many aspects of life as we can. Being perfect isn’t a realistic goal, but social media would have us think that it is. So many of us put so much energy into trying to be perfect and in the process, we often forget what we want or what makes us happy.

Losing sight of what matters to us can be scary. It can and most likely will drastically change your life. Yes, we’re all in high school and it’s inevitable that we evolve into young adults, but there are elements of yourself that you shouldn’t feel the need to change. Social media and society should not dictate how you view yourself or others.  

Embrace the change that is bound to happen but love yourself as an individual. We were meant to be different from each other- to have different interests and tastes and habits. It’s what makes us, well us. If we were all supposed to conform to one certain look or “aesthetic” the world we know would be so much more boring. The problem with social media such as Twitter or Tumblr is that it perpetuates this idea that everyone has to fit this look otherwise they aren’t pretty or cool.

Being different is not and never will be a bad thing. It is ok to wear a lot of makeup or none at all! It’s o.k. to watch anime or love classical music or play chess or collect coins. It’s ok to have curly hair, pin straight hair, brown eyes, light blue eyes, pale skin, dark skin. Without these differences we wouldn’t appreciate each other thus failing to appreciate ourselves.

When we fall victim to our insecurities,  we get caught up in trying to maintain an image that we think people want us to be. In reality, people are attracted to you because of the qualities you already possess. There’s nothing more stressful than trying to upkeep an “image” or “persona.” No one is actually cooler than anyone else, so let’s not waste our time. Everyone is cool in their own ways and we need to start recognizing that more.

This generation’s priorities get jumbled sometimes, and we forget what we should truly value. Tell your friends how much they mean to you- emotions don’t make you “weak” or “soft,” they make you human.

Have real conversations with people face to face, you’d be surprised just how much more fulfilling it can be than a snapchat convo.

Make decisions that will not only positively impact you but also others around you.  Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and take ourselves out of the equation. Recognize the people around you and understand just how important they are to you, there will come a point in time when they might not be around anymore.

Nothing you do or say makes you any better than the next person. What determines you being a good person should be whether or not you were kind and compassionate that day. No amount of Instagram likes or retweets or Snapchat story views should make you feel better about yourself.

As people we should start encouraging each other to do better. Stop being so concerned about our social media presence and start caring a little more about our actual presence. When’s the last time you complimented -and I mean really complimented- someone? Or the last time you’ve talked to someone new? These little things can enhance not only the other person’s day but yours as well; there’s no better feeling than being genuine to another person.