Ron Lee is a BEAST!

Senior Ron Lee may have been planning his graduation speech since his days with teacher Laura Paxson-Kluthe during freshman year, but in recent weeks, Lee has been on quite an interesting journey that nearly prevented him from ever standing up on the stage at the graduation ceremony.

The day before his AP exam for AP Statistics on May 11, Lee noticed a growing pain in his stomach. He shrugged it off as a normal stomach ache and just assumed it was from the food he had just previously consumed. Waking up in the middle of the night with severe pain, Lee drove to his local pharmacy and picked up some medicine hoping that it would calm whatever was wrong with his insides. Remembering that he had an AP exam the next morning, he quickly crawled back into bed hoping that he could salvage a little bit of sleep.

Grimacing in pain, Lee struggled through the AP exam, but ultimately finished the entire test without complaining. “It hurt tremendously, but I knew that I had to get through the test. I wasn’t going to let the pain beat me. I’m just glad I didn’t know what was actually going on inside of me while taking the test because I don’t think I would have been able to push through,” said Lee.

Indeed, little did Lee know that the pain he had was his body alerting him of an appendicitis. After concluding the test, Lee was rushed to the emergency room and remembers little of what happened next. Ron reminisces how, “I think I passed out while they transferred me to the hospital. It was probably due to the pain. I doubt that I’ve ever experienced something as painful as that.”

Lee went into surgery the next day and remained in the hospital for the next five days. Those days weren’t easy, but Lee is thankful for the way his family and friends supported him throughout the endeavour. After fulling recovering, Lee had quite a story to tell and an even greater reason to inspire his classmates with a graduation speech that nobody will forget.

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