Sam Rudder

Q: How did you get into videography?

A: After I got injured the summer of sophomore year from training too hard and couldn’t recover to the point that I could compete in sports, I just started playing around with iMovie and video cameras. It was really a blessing in disguise because I never would have made a career of cross country, tennis or dance, but now I have an exciting career I can pursue- plus I love it. I got hooked on the reactions I got from friends or family, and later business owners, when I presented them with a short video highlighting something they were passionate about. They would light up, and I did too. I especially loved seeing how a simple scene could come alive with special effects- I was inspired by the viner Zachary King.

Q: How are you involved in videography inside and outside of LOHS?

A: I am the ASB marketing director and do all the social media videos. If you see me with a camera at events, I am collecting footage for a Varsity Brand School Spirit Award competition in which I’m highlighting all aspects of our school… as well as the highlight and promo videos you see on Twitter and Instagram. Outside of LOHS, I’ve done a lot of marketing videos for nutritional supplement companies, futsal clubs, promotional businesses, player highlights for college sports scholarships, city of Portland and green energy fuel companies.

Q: Why do you enjoy attending Laker sporting events/ why is it so important to you?

A: I love the atmosphere of Laker events in general. I think since its senior year I’m trying to soak it all up before we graduate but I also have a desire to capture it for my peers. I want to film the special moments of this high school, because some day, we’ll want to look back on or show our kids our time in high school. I don’t actually know how to explain it, I just know what we have at LOHS is really special and I have no problem sacrificing two hours or so in the bleachers to be able to capture our high school experience.

Q: Do you have any plans to pursue videography in the future?

A: I want to go into digital marketing in college and pursue my passion for short marketing videos. I’d love to do contract work for companies like Nike or Dove. Working with Vevo to produce music videos for artists like Taylor Swift or Lecrae with amazing special effects has also been a dream of mine.

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