Snowboarding Hits the Slopes

As the holiday season approaches it’s hard to get into a festive mood with the rainy, gloomy weather outside. On Thursdays, however, some students from our high school get to experience their own winter wonderland.

Driving up to Mt. Hood Meadows after school to ride the untouched white snow seems like a dream, but is reality for students on the snowboard team.

“Everyone can and should join!” declares Juliana Sahni, a junior. “It doesn’t matter your skill level is. When I started as a beginner I didn’t know how to snowboard, but we have really great coaches and we will teach you how to snowboard.”

Practice at the mountain is a much needed break from high school. Every Thursday students have practice from 3:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. and competitions on Saturday and practice again on al- most every three day weekend.

With a great snowboarding program and coaches that support everyone no matter their skill level, our students aren’t pressured to do anything too far outside their comfort zone.

Greta Burton proclaims that, “Goofing around with pals and being on the mountain under the lights is my favorite part. And after a couple of cold, windy runs nothing is better than the piping hot chicken strips in the lodge.”

This season, in the Banked Slalom Competition which is a time trial for the snowboard cross, Timmy Hanson, a senior, got second place. Hanson also got eighth place for slopestyle in a Trick Based Competition.

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