Star Wars: The Hype Awakens


“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” came out today, Dec.17, and the hype is real. Everyone is excited to watch the movie, and Lake Oswego is no different. Both students and staff are eager to experience the first new entry in a franchise that is galactically loved.
The “Star Wars” franchise is well known globally and has managed to span multiple generations over its almost 40 year lifetime. English teacher and film connoisseur Mark McNeal speculates that parents share the movies with their kids, and this has helped the popularity of the franchise. The first movie came out in 1977 and focussed on Luke Skywalker and his journey to stop the evil empire. The original trilogy enamored viewers because of the high quality special effects and gripping story.
In sharp contrast to the original trilogy, many fans would like to forget the prequel trilogy, which cover a more political storyline. Although they had exciting moments, the prequels generally fell flat when compared to the originals. McNeal has a hard time explaining the franchise’s success. “For people your age, I don’t know why it’s so popular. In your lifetime, three movies have come out that are quite terrible,” he said. Many fans were disappointed and are hoping that the new film can alleviate their disappointment in “Star Wars”.
Senior Matt Eggiman agreed that the new film was cause for excitement. He said that having J.J. Abrams as the director was a good decision and he was excited to see what Abrams could do. Before leaving, Eggiman remarked that he was most like Jar Jar Binks.
Junior A.J. Rise agrees. “I’m absolutely ecstatic for this movie,” he said. One of the exciting features is the return of many actors from the original trilogy, such as Carrie Fischer, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill. Their absence did not help the prequel trilogy.
Helping the newest film has been a strong advertising push by Disney, as well as the spread of the Internet. Ever since the first trailer came out in November of last year, the Internet has been abuzz. Even late night television hosts spent time pondering the lightsabers revealed in the trailers. Will all this excitement lead to disappointed fans? Hopefully not.The