The Trump Genocide Begins

On Jan 27, 2017, The American President signed an executive order banning non-US citizens in seven Muslim-majority countries from coming to the United States for 120 days. This means that everyone from radical Islamist militants to U.S. green card holders in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen cannot enter the States. The notion that this is a normal political move that can be discussed in the format of pro vs con is completely outrageous.

Since June 11, 2015, Donald Trump has said the most disturbing and disgusting things I’ve ever heard any American President say, and time after time, people have brought them up as though they are valid. The self-proclaimed p***y grabber has been discussed like his ideas are political issues, rather than potential human-rights violations, and now, he’s not only blessed us with his usual highly offensive language, he’s created turmoil. Airports have erupted into chaos from JFK to LAX. Over 100 people trying to enter the country through New York were detained. Flights have been cancelled and demonstrators have protested. Beyond that, one of your classmates, and countless more throughout the country, will be attending their high school graduations without most of their family present. Even with this in mind, news panels and various Americans insist on discussing President Trump as though what he does is normal and up for debate and that is extremely dangerous.

The normalization of this kind of behavior is irresponsible and has extreme consequences. It can only lead to extreme devastation and puts the United States on the wrong side of international history yet again. Nobody seems to care that after President Trump has classified, symbolized, dehumanized and organized an entire section of the world, it puts the United States right at the halfway point of becoming either an indirect perpetrator or underlying cause of a genocide in the Middle East. By trapping the citizens of the seven countries he’s banned, President Trump has damned them to be victims of the terrorists they want to escape.

Every time a genocide happens, the entire Western world (often after doing nothing to prevent it) erupts in a cry of “Never Again.” And yet, without fail, it happens again. This is because people fail to pay attention to the beginning stages of one. A genocide does not begin when the first throat is cut, it begins when the first deplorable, disdainful and dehumanizing public figure is validated, and we’ve been validating our deplorable public figure for almost two years. We validated him when we debated him calling Mexicans “rapists,” we validated him when we debated his call for a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the US, we validated him when we debated over him bragging about groping women, and we’re still validating him while we talk about his banning of these people as though it is anything but heinous.

To say Donald Trump will cause a genocide is almost inaccurate, because actually we will be the ones who cause it. See, it was almost fine when we let him talk about all this inhumane treatment while he was running, but now that he has power, people cannot afford to treat his ideas as valid. People who voted for him cannot afford to feign support because of the stubbornness of human nature. The young people who still agree with what he says cannot afford to risk having to tell their grandchildren they supported the man that they will learn about as a villain. We cannot afford to normalize President Donald Trump.

Think about this: If the infamous tape of Trump in 2005 came out in July 2015, his campaign would’ve been over, but since he gradually introduced us to worse and worse sides of himself, we tolerated it in October 2016. Now, he is still introducing us to worse sides of himself, and we are still validating his rhetoric, so how long will it be before straight up genocidal speech and behavior is tolerated?

Never again is right now.

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