Time to Change Your Attitude on Climate

Welcome to planet earth. Our only home. Your ONLY HOME. There is nowhere else for us to go. There is nowhere else for us to hide and avoid the planet’s inevitable destruction due to mankind’s absurd consumerism. We have reached a tipping point in history. We have one last chance to do something about this before our children are no longer able to breathe clean air and drink uncontaminated water.

This paradise that the human race is lucky enough to call home is dying. We must fight against the corrupt corporations who deny the legitimacy of climate change for their own gain. The science is real.

The earth is a unique place in that it has cycles and phases of change every once in a while, and currently we are in a state of change. Global temperature fluctuation is normal, but the rates and temperatures at which we are currently rising are creating dangerous conditions for human life. Our human population keeps expanding, but no one is changing any of their pollutant patterns. Instead, we are digging more fracking wells and building more cars.

All of the built up carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is creating the greenhouse effect. Yes, the thing you hear on the news but never pay any attention to because it’s not immediate and exciting like the breaking news. BREAKING NEWS – our planet is being destroyed, and under the Trump administration, any headway gained over the past decades is already being threatened.

We have gotten to the point that some politicians claim climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese. Statements like this prove the ignorance of many politicians that will lead to the physical crumbling of this country and planet.

Too many things have gone on in the past 20 years to not realize that climate change is real. In the past couple years alone, there have been countless “anomalie” storms. 2014 was the hottest year on record, and then 2015 broke that record and recently 2016 has come up on top. Can you see the trend? Every recent strange weather pattern has been and is a result of climate change, whether it be Hurricane Sandy or Portland’s most recent snow storm. We cannot continue to normalize the abnormal. We can no longer afford to ignore reality.

We all know that climate change exists, but we seldom take measures to change our behavior. When was the last time you decided not to buy a plastic water bottle in a hope to save the planet? Probably not very recently that is not a common thought for many people because we are not wired to focus on climate change. We look at climate change activists and praise them, but never join them because we enjoy warm cars and electricity, which is understandable. However, if we reduce our use of any of these luxuries it will greatly benefit us.

We as a population also love to eat red meat and take 20 minute showers. The meat industry is toxic for the environment, one pound of beef requires 1,847 gallons of water, which, if stopped, or even

reduced would save our environment. Do you really need to eat meat three times a week?

There are solutions to this problem, such as renewable energy and not relying so heavily on natural gas, but very few are willing to compromise. The oil industry creates thousands of jobs for people across the country that many families rely on, but shifting to other forms of more renewable energy will create new jobs for those families, while also saving the planet. It’s a win-win.

I know how difficult it is to stop using petroleum products and to live a pure existence because fossil fuels and coal surround us like water surrounds an island. However, we must at least try.

Other large countries in the world, such as China, contribute to climate change in horrible ways that make it rare to see the blue sky in some places, seven out of 10 of the world’s most air populated cities are in China. The United States looks to China and scolds them because of all their pollution. However, it is a concern for the whole world, and although the United States might not contribute to this issue as much as places like China, we are still a large part of the problem and cannot put the task of saving the planet onto other nations’ hands. It is the duty as citizens of this world to unite and solve this problem collectively.

This is the time to act, and we all have a choice: continue to be a part of the problem, or be the change we want to see and help save our mother earth. She will continue to create giant hurricanes that harm us and those we love unless we stop suffocating her.

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