Trump Takes US Out of Climate Ban

    On Thursday afternoon President Trump signed the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement that former President Obama signed last year. The agreement was put in place by United Nations for a variety of reasons. It is designed to unite the countries of the world to take serious action against climate change. The plan in the agreement is for countries to be a part of the pact that will limit the country’s global average temperature increase to no more than two degrees Celsius.

    The agreement states that participating countries should limit their greenhouse gas emissions, invest in renewable energy sources and try to limit global temperature rise as much as possible. Every country has an individual plan to address these issues. The Paris Agreement also states that the developed countries will provide $100 billion to help fund and provide the funding needed for underdeveloped countries.

     There are 194 countries that signed the agreement, but 146 countries have ratified it since the signing. There are three countries who are not a part of the agreement, with the addition of the United States as of last Thursday. Nicaragua and Syria are the other two nations that are not a part of the agreement.

     In order to fully get out of the agreement the Trump administration can either try to formally request a withdraw, which takes up to four years. Another option is that the administration can drop out of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change entirely, if that occurs then the United States would be removed from all UN Climate Change discussions in the future. As of now, they are removed and other countries in the world are continuing the fight against climate change without the Unites States.

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