4 thoughts on “Volume 65 Issue 2”

  1. I am a white woman and a Lake Oswego School District Alum. My children and I went K-12 in the district. Thus I speak from some experience in this community. I think these incidents of racism, and others involving sexism, exist in a larger culture of aggression in our community. Bullying behavior begins in kindergarten, and usually goes unchecked because it is usually very sneakily done. Parents bully their own children and otherwise model belittling speech. Then the children take it to school. The pecking order gets established. Experience of a bully getting away with it leads to expansion of targets. Being a victim of bulling ironically means that victim may look for people even below him or her in the pecking order- anyone different in some way. Teachers and parents need to take seriously reports in the elementary school years of bullying. It does not make kids tougher to be the victim. The Bully needs help . Teachers, please don’t ignore it when you see it. Start the discussion. Parents, don’t ignore it as “kids will be Kids” when you see it. Step in and start a conversation. Students, step in and say something. Question behaviors – LOSD- please help us to learn how by modeling how to step in. The LO Principal’s letters are a great beginning.

  2. Thank you for bringing the issue of racism and intolerance out of the shadows and into the light. We CAN change. We WILL change. Please don’t give up on us. #oswegobrave

  3. Dear Daniel, Gemma, Rodney, Paymonn, Jordan, and Lisa,

    I echo Laurie’s sentiments and so deeply appreciate your courage to ensure we no longer ignore this unacceptable truth within our community. I am sorry for what you have experienced and I promise to be part of the solution. My boys are in kindergarten and first grade at Hallinan and you are role models for them. I will make sure they know your stories and we’ll actively work within the school district to promote a culture of safety and acceptance for all of our students and families.

    In gratitude,

  4. Mr. Nsengimana,

    THANK YOU! I know how hard it can be to come forward and speak your truth!! Thank you for sharing your experience and its impact. Your courage and honesty WILL be a catalyst in mobilizing this town to discover and face our issues. Our family is 100% with you and we’re committed to drive change here in Lake Oswego. We’re contacting the school board and superintendent to demand action. We can change. We have to change. We will change. Now is the time.

    With ultimate respect and great hope,

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