YouTube Regulations Changing Drastically

What are advertiser-friendly videos? In the Youtube sense, these are monetized videos that are “appropriate for all audiences” and don’t contain “sexually suggestive content, violence, inappropriate language, promotion of drugs, and controversial or sensitive subjects and events.” While advertisements and friendly aren’t two words that usually go together, it is a huge deal for Youtube creators.

Recently, Youtube has been demonetizing a wide array of videos that has sparked protest among many Youtube creators. Angry creators, along with others, have banded together with a trending Twitter hashtag, #YoutubeIsOverParty. From the perspective of the angry creator, it seems Youtube has become more strict with deciding on whether or not a video is allowed to be monetized.

Monetized videos are a huge deal to Youtube creators. Many creators make a living off of Youtube, creating high quality videos and allowing ads to be displayed on them to make a decent profit. Professional youtube creators naturally begin to adapt to Youtube regulations and algorithms that calculate revenue for videos.

Over the years, any direct change in Youtube policies or algorithms have caused drastic changes to a creator’s approach to making a living off of Youtube. One of the most drastic changes in Youtube regarding earnings for a creator was in 2014 where what was counted as a view was changed. As a result, annual creator earnings rose or fell by thousands of dollars.

Changes in Youtube that inevitably result in economic changes will naturally bring up a lot of opposition. As of early September, Youtube creators have received multiple notifications about the demonetization of their videos. The demonetization of a video generally means that the video is still allowed to be viewed, but no profit is allowed to be gained for the creator.   

On the other hand, Youtube claims to have made no changes whatsoever to its policies. In an emailed statement, the company states, “our policy of demonetizing videos due to advertiser-friendly concerns hasn’t changed.” This statement is indeed true as the company’s guidelines for monetized videos has remained relatively the same since the concept of monetized videos came to Youtube.

In the past, demonetization of videos often occurred unbeknownst to creators. The sudden change that Youtube has initiated is a movement to bridge the disconnect between Youtube and its creators. Videos that are being demonetized will now come with a notification email instead of inconspicuously being demonetized. The company says they have simply“improved the notification and appeal process to ensure better communication to our creators.”

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