Unity Director – Andy Li

Andy Li: (He/Him)

Why should a student, who has potentially never met or interacted with you, vote for you?

  • As I said in my speech, I have an outgoing personality that loves to meet people and have the ability to bring people in from different backgrounds and personalities. I believe that can help create an environment where students feel safe and can freely share their opinions

Why did you choose to apply for this position, specifically?

  • I’m applying for this position because I wanted promote inclusiveness for the  place I see it as home. And especially after the coronavirus outbreak, we could use this as an motivation for students and staffs to stay connected and help students feel comfortable.

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

  • I believe everyone has their pros and cons that set them apart from others. But I believe my creative and positive mindset can make an impact to help unite and make a difference not only within the school, but within the community.

How would students know that you’re willing to put in the work for our school?

  • As I said in my profile, I am a dedicated hard-working student, whether it is with school work or extra-curriculum volunteering and activities. I believe that in order to create a safe environment for students, we are all in this together. For that, I am willing to provide help and support for the school.

What are your greatest weaknesses regarding your position/leadership? How will you work to combat that? Conversely, what are your greatest strengths regarding your position/leadership? How will you use that to your advantage?

  • One of my weaknesses in my opinion is that I don’t like to argue or criticize decision or opinions, and I think that would be a weakness when it comes to a leadership role, but I’ll try my best to give out my opinions in order to help the school. One of my greatest strengths I said earlier, was the ability to bring in people with different backgrounds and cultures. I think I could use that as my advantage to promote and create inclusiveness and happiness within the community.

What do you think makes a good leader?

  • A good leader possesses the ability to help and construct a comfortable environment for others and is not afraid to take criticism or reach to those who are in needs. I believe that a leader should be confident and approachable that can bring in others with different backgrounds.

What would you like to convey about yourself that the applications on loelections.com didn’t allow you to?

  • I am an easy person to approach, you are welcome to come chat with me, and let’s be friends!!

Is there anything else you would like to say to students reading this?

  • Hope you guys are doing well. Remember to get your vitamin D and stay healthy!

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