Treasurer - Kate Welton

Treasurer – Kate Welton

Kate Welton: (She/Her)

Why should a student, who has potentially never met or interacted with you, vote for you?

  • to students I don’t know: i’m the candidate that WANTS to know you!  come talk to me, come tell me what your latest good ideas!! i’m extremely open and available to your insights and ideas and I want to use my power to help them go into effect. I’m confident I will spend our budget effectively to help the school as a greater whole prosper !! 

Why did you choose to apply for this position, specifically?

  • I chose to apply for treasurer because the responsibilities are what are really important to me. I want to make sure that events get the budgets that they want/need, and host sufficient fundraisers to make that happen! I want to plan big events with the student body, as well as give everyone the smaller reward every once in awhile! (for example free donuts in the cafeteria during finals week!) 

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

  • I think what sets me apart from the other candidates is my open mindedness and experience. I’m someone that is actually going to listen to you guys for the events you want budgeted next year! I also want to enact more class competitions for games and even a competition with lakeridge ! 

How would students know that you’re willing to put in the work for our school?

  • When i asked my friends for words to describe me, undoubtedly the one phrase that came up in every single one was hard working/driven! I’m really passionate and involved in school events, and really looking forward to be able to serve on asb for everyone. I’m willing to put in the hours necessary to the make student body happy and satisfied 

What are your greatest weaknesses regarding your position/leadership? How will you work to combat that? Conversely, what are your greatest strengths regarding your position/leadership? How will you use that to your advantage?

  • I would say my greatest weakness would be lack of direct/recent experience. I was in leadership my freshman year and LOVED it, but took a break for sophomore/junior year. So while I don’t know the system all too familiar, I know it enough and it’s always great to have fresh new ideas and perspectives! My greatest strength is the fact that I am extremely approachable. I’m willing to talk to anyone on a whim, and love to hear from new people. This will help to my advantage because it will help ASB to reach the entire student body through outreach

What do you think makes a good leader?

  • simply put, a good leader is someone who is willing to do the work the others don’t want to do. someone willing to step up to bat and take that first swing! 

What would you like to convey about yourself that the applications on didn’t allow you to?

  • I think something I want to convey to the student body is that i’m actually a really fun person to be around, and have a really exciting personality and mindset! I want to make next year super enjoyable and fun, and be a person you can laugh with 

Is there anything else you would like to say to students reading this?

  • all students make sure you guys go out and vote on may 5th! the people elected next year are a super important part of your next school year, so make sure to pick people who want to listen to you and make next year good for you!

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