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YouTube gets in trouble with FTC, throws creators under the bus

Ella Musgrove, Technical Design Editor, Photo Editor

January 9, 2020

COPPA, also known as the Children's Online Protection and Privacy Act, has been big in the news since early Sep. 2019, when the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) announced that they were going to sue Google for YouTube’s violatio...

Efficient procrastination for finals from an AP student

Cameron Iizuka, Editor-in-Chief

January 8, 2020

While from my schedule it would appear that I am a very rigorous and organized student, the former is correct, but the latter not so much. For example, I completed all of my homework for winter break on the Sunday before we r...

Cameron’s Circus

Cameron Iizuka, Editor-in-Chief

November 30, 2019

“When you’re bored, what are your favorite videos to watch on YouTube?” asked by Junior Kelsey Yutan. Allow me to introduce myself… I am a master procrastinator. Besides school work of course my number one priority i...

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