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Counterintuitive LOHS eating protocol works against COVID safety restrictions
‘Sesame Street’ welcomes first Asian muppet, Ji-Young
Are kids being pushed into advanced math too early?
Gianna La Fond, Staffer • January 9, 2022

From Algebra 1 to Calculus BC Lake Oswego High School offers a wide variety of math classes, allowing students to take advanced math routes and push themselves. Although the...

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Do you like pumpkin spice?

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What LO can do to combat racism
The Editorial Board (2020-2021) June 20, 2020
We cannot allow ourselves to grow complacent with the way the country, the state or the city have operated. There is an opportunity here to make real change and to take action for a better world. 
Sick? Stay home.
December 30, 2019
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Welcome to LO, Ms. Levin!
Welcome to LO, Ms. Levin!
Gracie Cox, Opinions Editor • January 11, 2021

With a great passion for history, Lake Oswego High School’s new social studies teacher, Katrina Levin, is a wonderful addition to our community....

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