Airpods Pro isn’t worth it

On Oct. 30, Apple came out with the AirPod Pros. Alike to AirPods, they are wireless  Bluetooth earbuds. However, unalike AirPods, they claim to have two modes of listening: Active Noise Cancelling, where a user can only hear what is being broadcast on the earphones (such as music and phone conversations); and Transparency mode, where you can hear your surroundings.

While these features may sound cool, in reality, I think this is no real improvement from the original AirPod model. It is basically the same product, and it goes for almost a hundred dollars more. Additionally, the design of the AirPod Pro’s, I personally find bulky and inelegant.

Although they were just released, AirPod Pro’s have gone on sale. To me, this is actual evidence that AirPod Pro’s are unappealing.

With their phones, Apple comes out with a slightly modified design each year. Will the case soon be the same for AirPods? Consider how much Apple phones have changed since 2013 (becoming thinner/slicker, improving camera quality, adding water resistance, and  bettering the overall design and usability)… who knows the technological advancement to come for the listening experience.

Personally, I believe Apple often comes out with improvements of past products to make the most they can out of a product that remains generally the same. People buy the product, but then they want a new one each year. Instead of waiting and making bigger, better improvements, Apple makes small (but effective) adjustments to get people to buy more of their products.

Consider the iPhone 5 compared to the 6. They look and are used basically the same, with small tweaks (larger screen, upgraded camera, and increased battery life). Then compare the iPhone 2G (the first Apple iPhone) and one of the most recent releases, the iPhone X. Obviously, the iPhone X has a much more sleek design, and much easier usability than the first iPhone. One can assume that if Apple waited and probably come out with the iPhone X design much earlier if they did not release all of the other phones in between.

Basically, AirPod Pros are stupid AND a scam.