Community anticipates LOReads this February

The month of February is the month of LOReads, a citywide organization of events centered around celebrating a book and its author. This year’s book, chosen by a committee of librarians, high school teachers and community members, divulges into real, current experiences of U.S. citizens affected by climate change. The selection is called “Rising: Dispatches from the New American Shore” and has garnered critical acclaim for its insightful and relevant narrative.

In her introduction, author Elizabeth Rush attributes her interest in rising sea levels to an experience in India writing an article on the completion of a border fence between India and Bangladesh. Her observations of the salt-lined Bay of Bengal stuck with Rush for three years before manifesting into the journalistic pursuit that would become “Rising.”

One committee member, English teacher Kristy Aalberg, was attracted to the first person accounts included on top of Rush’s extensive research. “The book is very personal in that sense. You’re getting these people’s stories.”

“Some of the people on the committee were really concerned about the choice because it’s pretty depressing,” Aalberg continued, “but Elizabeth Rush makes it really clear that there [are] some things we can do to slow the damage that’s happening.”

Throughout the month of February and leading into March, numerous themed fairs and exhibitions will be made available for the community to attend and participate in. And LOReads is embracing the message of activism that Rush stresses in many of these, from a lesson on reducing carbon emissions to a craft recycling program. Other events include a Community Repair Fair, student and local art exhibits, several presentations by climate change experts and a talk and book signing with Rush herself. A full extensive list of upcoming events is available on the Lake Oswego Public Library website.