YAC fundraises for Children’s Healing Art Project

On Feb. 21, the LO community is hosting an art show titled “Outside the Art Room” dedicated to the junior high and high school artists in Lake Oswego. The art show is held by the Youth Action Council, which is a group of students that work hand in hand with LO Parks and Rec to hold numerous different events in the community. This is the fourth year that this Art Show is being held, and the funding will go towards The Children’s Healing Art Project. The project has a studio in Southeast Portland, and the donations are mostly focused on giving art supplies and class time. Last year, a little more than $1000 was raised for the Project. The only requirement to participate as an artist is to donate one piece of art to the silent auction and any other art they have the option to showcase and sell.

In previous years, there were around 40 artists that would participate, but this year there are 58 participants. The coordinator of the event, Cydny Fletcher, stated, “There are so many talented students in the community and this is an awesome way to showcase that in a low pressure environment. It helps build experience in participating in art shows and different ways to support your craft!”

With many of the artists coming from our very own school, it is expected that many high schoolers will be there to support. It is a great cause to go and raise money for other children to get the same opportunities as we are able to have. Make sure to stop by anytime from 6-8 p.m. and check out the amazing artistic abilities of these young students.