Lighting up the sky, one lantern at a time

Ella Musgrove, Technical Design Editor, Photo Editor

Have you ever wanted to live out your Disney princess fantasies by releasing lanterns in the sky like Rapunzel in “Tangled?” Well, thanks to The Lights Fest, a for-profit company produced by Viive Events, now you can.

The Lights Fest is an event where you can go and release lanterns into the night sky. You can write on your lanterns, take lots of pictures or just enjoy the company of friends and family.

This magical experience has been made possible by charity sponsors and volunteers, ever since 2016 when The Lights Fest started. It has had a profound impact on those who attend, and those it continues to reach.

As for fire safety, The Lights Fest has a lot of answers on their FAQ page, but the final line is that the launch, “is 100% dependent on the wind and the fire marshall’s approval.”

They have also assured customers that the lights won’t cause harm to the environment due to their special design made of bamboo and rice paper. The lights are also well put out by the time they reach the ground. They have tested and designed lanterns fit for every city that they visit, to make sure no harm is done.

The Lights Fest is a very interesting and exciting experience, one that for countless others, has offered a night to never forget. The Lights Fest is coming to Portland on May 9, 2020 and tickets are available now.

Visit to check out past events and to see what The Lights Fest is all about. Hope to see you there!