When in Quarantine: Four at-home activities to try

April 8, 2020

Try yoga
Exercise is very important. Due to gyms closing, people are needing to find new ways to work out. Yoga is a relaxing workout that calms you and helps stretch out places in your body you haven’t stretched out before. There are many yoga videos on Youtube to follow; I’ve found that doing yoga in the morning helps wake me up and get relaxed for the day.

Make dalgona coffee
A popular TikTok drink has been going around called dalgona coffee. It is a fun and different way to have your morning cup of joe. To make it, you need to mix instant coffee, sugar and water into a bowl. You mix it with a whisk until it has a fluffy consistency. I recommend using a frother instead of a normal whisk because making this by hand makes your arm feel like it’s going to snap off any minute. It’s a fun and delicious drink to make at home, but I am unsure about making it again due to the amount of effort it took. If I had a frother, I might change my mind.

Learn (or re-learn) a language on Duolingo
Learning a language helps exercise the brain which is something good to do while people are at home. An app called Duolingo helps you learn a variety of languages with interactive lessons. I took French during my first two years of high school and forgot the majority of what I learned. I decided to download this app to brush up on what I forgot and to get my brain juices flowing.

Rearrange your room
If you’re spending a lot of time in your room during this time, one thing you could do is rearrange your room. Move your shelf, desk, bed, etc. in different spots of your room. This helps give your room a fresh new feel. I moved my desk near my window not too long ago, and now, my room feels newer and more exciting.

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