Secretary – Cassidy Miller

Cassidy Miller: (She/Her)

Why should a student, who has potentially never met or interacted with you, vote for you?

  • I’ve been class secretary the past three years, and have really developed a passion for leading! ASB has been a huge part of high school for me, and I definitely have the passion and drive to make a difference in both our hallways and our community. 

Why did you choose to apply for this position, specifically?

  • Since I’ve been secretary the past three years, it was kind of a no brainer for me. I’m organized and enjoy taking notes!

How would students know that you’re willing to put in the work for our school?

  • My sophomore year I conducted something called Survey Saturday on the Class of 2021 Instagram account. It inspired me to start Laker Hype Club this past year, with the goal of giving students more of a voice and to increase school spirit. This lack of having a voice was a huge response I received from the surveys! I hope my ability to take initiative in the past beyond just ASB class will assure the student body that I am willing to put in work for our school.

What are your greatest weaknesses regarding your position/leadership? How will you work to combat that? Conversely, what are your greatest strengths regarding your position/leadership? How will you use that to your advantage?

  • Something that I struggled with especially as a freshmen was taking on too much to handle. While I still struggle with overloading myself with tasks on my to-do list at times, I have gotten a lot better at delegating and trusting my fellow class officers. Although this can be my Achilles heel, my hard work is also one of my biggest strengths. I really care about making a positive change on our school!

What do you think makes a good leader?

  • Something that Mr. Hill has talked about a lot in ASB class is servant leadership. A servant leader is a good listener, empathetic, and cares about serving people rather than thriving off their successes. I think these traits make a good leader both in and outside of school. 

What would you like to convey about yourself that the applications on didn’t allow you to?

  • While I am very passionate about leading, I also like to joke around and have fun! I’m pretty laid back once you get to know me, and I love talking with people; you should definitely reach out to me if you want to talk to someone or are even just bored!

Is there anything else you would like to say to students reading this?

  • We don’t know what school is going to look like next year yet, and mental health is more important now than ever. If you need help, reach out! Even if you don’t think it’s a huge deal, intentional human connection is so incredibly crucial during these unprecedented times. You are not alone, and it is OKAY if you are struggling right now! Community is a huge part of being a Laker, and right now that looks a little bit different. Your leadership class is working really hard to keep people connected, but don’t be afraid to take initiative with your friends and family!

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