Is there a possibility of an MLB season?

Olivia Ellerbruch, Editor-In-Chief

When the NBA announced that they would be cancelling the rest of their season, many sports fans were upset. But most were still hopeful that baseball would continue with its season. It’s not only the general population that’s hopeful, it’s the MLB’s management as well. There has been talk about their season commencing by late June, with each team playing around 100 games. No fans will be allowed to attend the games, and virus testing will become mandatory for anyone that enters the stadium. The players will also get a three week spring training prior to the season, and the roster will get expanded in case of injury or illness. 

Two players have spoken very negatively about this proposal (Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw) and it seems as though no players think very positively of the ideas as no one player has commented in a positive manner. Kershaw has spoken more broadly, by stating that it simply isn’t doable to separate families from players for long periods of time. Trout spoke out about how it affected him, as Trout’s wife is pregnant, which has made him not very willing to go ahead with any of the possible plans for a season. The plan that the MLB is leaning towards most is having all 30 teams play in Arizona. The players and other members that would be involved would all have to stay at hotels, and it is undecided what the requirements for leaving would be. The only place they will be allowed to travel to is Chase Field, other local ballparks and the spring training facilities.

The MLB is unsure yet if family members will be included in this situation, or if the players would have to be completely isolated from their family during the season. Including all the family members would raise the cost of food, supplies and testing. While this plan certainly needs to be more extensive and thorough, this would help boost the morale of the civilians of this nation. Sports is something that unites millions of people, and in this time of crisis, it’s needed more than ever.