Publicities Director – Sophomore Class

Dylan Gustaff (She/Her)

  • Why should a student, who has potentially never met or interacted with you, vote for you?

I am extremely hardworking and determined to help our school in whichever way I possibly can. I also am the freshman publicity officer, meaning I have experience in leadership that i can use to help next year!

  • How would students know that you’re willing to put in the work for our school?

Sophomores have many more responsibilities than freshman do, and I believe I showed a lot of hard work in what I accomplished freshman year, which means I can accomplish the same, and better, quality work in the upcoming year. 

  • What are your greatest weaknesses regarding your position/leadership? How will you work to combat that? What are your greatest strengths regarding your position/leadership? How will you use that to your advantage?

I think sometimes I feel I need to be in charge and it can feel overpowering and bossy to some people so if I am elected I plan to focus on other people’s opinions and ideas before choosing my own. For my strengths, I am, like I said earlier, extremely hard working and feel the need to always be doing something beneficial to the school and leadership as a whole. 

  • Is there anything else you would like to say to students reading this?

Just that I am extremely dedicated to leadership and hope that the class of 2023 will vote for me, for their sophomore publicities!

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