Beloved Terrie Sheik retires after 30 years in LO


Iris Breckenridge, Editor-In-Chief

After over 20 years at LOHS and 30 years in the LO School District, Terrie Sheik will be retiring this December. 

As the Principal’s Assistant, Sheik has had many responsibilities in her time at LOHS. Her overall job has been bringing support to the building and the people in it. Some of her daily activities include helping staff and teachers with anything that might make their day easier, from finding substitutes, ordering office supplies, helping students with medical needs, assisting parents with questions, and keeping the building running smoothly.

Along with this role, Sheik was also the head coach of the cheer team for almost 20 years, and although she is not the head coach anymore she still works with the team. Sheik described it as, “an amazing experience. Coaching so many young athletes, watching them grow and develop was incredible.” Throughout the years, she has coached her team at many events. She’s helped them win a state championship and score in the top ten in the nation and overall helped students through high school. “[It] was humbling and an experience that I treasure every day!” said Sheik. 

Coaching the cheer team has been one of her favorite memories along with numerous LO traditions, such as homecoming parades, MayFete, and singing the Alma Mater. Another happy memory for Sheik was the transformation of the building. From “moving out of the old LO building [to] watching the new building be constructed [to finally] moving in,” the entire process was an exciting and joyful adventure. In her time working at LO the thing she has liked most about being here has been “the people that have walked the halls and all the incredible traditions!”

As Sheik moves on to the retirement phase of her life she plans for lots of relaxation. Her first plan of action is to “take a breath.” After that,  she said,  “[I will] spend time with my grandchildren and all my family. Travel when it opens up again, take long runs, yoga and whatever doors open for me next!” 

Lake Oswego has been her family, her home and more, so she will miss it greatly. “I have had a great ride here in the Lake Oswego School District,” said Sheik. “The list of people that have touched my heart is endless and I have been one lucky lady! Thanks to everyone that has helped and been by me!” 


Thank you for your years of service and empathy in our school. It will not be the same without you and you will be missed for years to come. From everyone here at Lake Views, thank you, Ms. Sheik!