OSAA announces new schedule for Season Two sports

Payton Zagacki, Editor-in-Chief

The OSAA released a statement effectively pushing back the start of season two sports until February, extending the end of Season One to allow for extra practice and possible competition opportunities. This decision is due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases throughout the state. The delay to the start of the season will hopefully allow for the number of cases to drop, allowing for more opportunities for the Season Two athletes.

“While disappointed that we need to adjust our original schedule, we believe that keeping three distinct seasons, albeit in shortened seasons, maintains potential opportunities for all students moving forward,” said Peter Weber, OSAA Executive Director.

The OSAA staff is in constant contact with the Governor’s Office, Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Department of Education to advocate for the safe return of athletes to normal practice and competitions. 

Season Two sports that are permitted will begin in February. Sports that are permitted include cross country and soccer as they are outdoor sports. By contrast, volleyball remains tied to the Governor’s county risk level. Full contact football is currently prohibited by the Governor and discussions are not being held.

Season Three includes all the traditional spring sports (baseball, softball, golf, tennis, lacrosse and track & field). These sports are permitted by the state as they are outdoor activities. The season will begin April 5 and extend through the end of May.

Season four includes winter sports (swimming, basketball and wrestling). They will begin mid-May and extend until late-June. The later season will hopefully allow these indoor sports a chance to practice and compete due to a predicted drop in cases and a possible vaccine.

The OSAA plans to revisit participation limitations, out-of-season coaching policies and further decisions for sports.  Seasons Two, Three and Four will be discussed at upcoming meetings as COVID risk level metrics change.

Revised 2020‐21 OSAA Activities Calendar