A warm welcome to Childs


Carmen Karsonovich, Social Media, Broadcasting, and Web Manager

Lake Oswego High School’s new math teacher Kaitlin Childs intends to keep LO Pride strong. She graduated from LOHS in 2009 and is enthusiastic to continue working in her hometown. 

“LO is an awesome school and place to be, with really strong traditions and pride in the student body… a great place for growth,” said Childs. After teaching for four years in St. Louis she decided to return to Oregon; she taught for two years at Lakeridge, making this her seventh year of teaching. Childs expressed her passion for teaching and how the students make it worthwhile. 

The day to day is what makes it the most special for her, developing relationships and getting to know her students. Childs said, “My favorite part about teaching is the daily casual interactions with students, what’s going on in their lives, their jokes, and thoughts. It keeps things interesting and not mundane.” Childs was hired to be a Geometry and Algebra One math specialist for ASC. Childs explained how she had always known she wanted to be a teacher but it wasn’t until high school until she realized she wanted to pursue a career in math education. “You couldn’t be in this profession and not enjoy it,” Childs continued. “The problem solving aspect really motivates me… I had some really awesome math teachers that kept the subject engaging.”

In response to Covid-19 she was able to have the opportunity to become a classroom teacher this year. Childs also narrated how Covid has had an effect on her classroom and her relationship with the student body. “It has definitely pushed me in some really awesome ways, I learned how to go paperless, it pushed me to try new programs and applications to help students be engaged in the lesson even if we aren’t all together,” Childs elaborated. Childs spoke about how Covid-19 brought some troubles to her classroom as well saying, “I feel like I just want to be involved with the school. It’s been tough this year to feel like I’ve been in my own corner or circle… It’s been a delayed thing… I am looking forward to when we can all be together.” 

Childs explores many hobbies outside of school like sports and spending time with her family. She has a love for basketball, both playing and coaching, and is going to be one of LO’s new girls basketball coaches. She also enjoys water and snow skiing. Her family is a big part of her life; just recently she welcomed a new member to her family, a “rottie poo” named Ellie, short for Eleanor. 

Childs is looking forward to starting the third and fourth quarter and is interested to see how students will react to having a long break in between their math learning process. Childs said, “It could be a fun challenge to try to refresh students and see how we can go seamlessly back into the routine. It’s something different we haven’t seen in previous years. Anxious to see how that goes.” 

Lake Oswego High School is so happy to have her join our Laker Family. Welcome Kaitlin!