LOHS chamber group celebrate Chinese New Year with traditional song

LOHS chamber group celebrate Chinese New Year with traditional song

Clio Koh, News Editor

After performing a holiday music repertoire for COVID-19 relief fundraising, LOHS chamber group Aria Trio celebrated Chinese New Year with a cover of Gong Xi Gong Xi, a popular Mandarin Chinese song written in 1945. Its lyrics celebrate the coming of spring as well as the end of the second Sino-Japanese War. 

One of the bloodiest wars in China’s history, the second Sino-Japanese War began when Japan started to expand its military influence into China’s territory, resulting in conflict between the two nations. The fighting spanned around a decade (1931-1945), during which China suffered 20 million casualties, 17 million of which were civilians.

The first verse of Gong Xi Gong Xi (English Translation):

“On every street and in every lane,

On everybody’s lips,

Whenever people meet,

The first thing they say is ‘Congratulations’.

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to you

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to you”

“Congratulations” is translated from “Gong Xi”, a congratulatory greeting that lends itself to the song title and means to wish joy to whoever it was said to. 

The Aria Trio — sophomores Lauren Zhang (violin), Cyndee Li (violin), Sophia Wang (violin)– along with seventh graders Karen Zhang (vocalist) and Kelvin Li (pianist) performed the song with classical instruments and wearing traditional chinese clothing. Listen to their performance here.

The Aria Trio also performed the song for the Chinese New Year talent show, hosted by LOHS Chinese teacher Cilei Han.