The return of concerts and music festivals

Carmen Karsonovich, Social Media, Broadcasting, and Web Manager

The concert and event industry caught onto the momentum of increased reopenings as vaccination rates increased. As expected, the music industry suffered during the pandemic, but recently all of our social media feeds have been filled with footage and content covering the newest concerts and music festivals. Many of us attend concerts to escape the outside world and watch our favorite artists perform, and after a tumultuous year, what better way to have a quick escape than to go to a concert. Junior, Karuna Miller, who attended the Harry Styles concert described how the audience was “so excited and you could tell that everyone was in a very happy and loving mood.”

The only concern I have with returning to concerts is safety. Obviously there is the issue of COVID-19, but the recent vaccination and test requirements that have been put in place is reassuring. Additionally, I have concerns about crowd safety. Recently at events during Travis Scott’s music festival, Astroworld, 10 deaths occurred along with hundreds of injuries during a crowd surge. This is just one example of the lack of crowd safety that is present at concerts. During future events I hope there will be regulated security, enough medical supplies and safety precautions in place. When attending a concert you shouldn’t have to wonder if you will make it home later that night.

Upcoming dates:

Amine: Jan 29 2022

Bad Bunny: February 28 2022

The Weeknd: March 3 2022

Justin Bieber: March 11 2022

Lil Tecca: March 12 2022

Dua Lipa: March 29 2022

Wallows: April 4 2022

Tyler, the Creator: April 4 2022

Olivia Rodrigo: April 5 2022

J Balvin: April 28 2022