Val-O-Grams: A Valentine’s tradition

Payton Zagacki, Editor-in-Chief

Here at LOHS we love fun school traditions. During the Valentine’s day season, the LOHS  Windjammers sell Val-O-Grams for students to send to their friends or significant other. The Windjammers, an advanced acapella choir, go from class to class singing cheesy love songs to lucky recipients. Buyers have the opportunity to even buy flowers for the recipient for extra money. All proceeds go towards fundraising for the choir. This year, the choir completely sold out of Val-O-Grams in a matter of days. Junior Bella Johnson, a member of the Windjammers, said, “We sold a little over a 100. They’re really popular so we’re thinking about raising our prices next year.” What a great way to raise money for the arts!

Val-O-Grams are a festive Valentine’s Day tradition here at LOHS. The Windjammers go around to classes delivering songs with chocolate or even flowers to lucky students whose friends or significant others cough up the money to mortify them in front of a room full of their peers. I happened to be one such lucky student. 

My 7th period started off normal enough. With anatomy and physiology being my favorite class it was turning out to be a pretty good day, that was until I heard the footsteps of the choir group. Soon I was pulled to the front of the class to stand in front of all my peers as the group sang “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.” Don’t get me wrong, I love cheesy love songs as much as anyone, but with my face tomato red infront of all my classmates they are not my go to. To make things even worse, my teacher couldn’t stop bringing it back up for the rest of the period.

Looking back on the whole event, I can’t help but laugh. While in the moment it was horribly embarrassing, it’s pretty funny to think about the whole bizarre event now. Personally, I can’t wait to send val-o-grams to all my friends next year to give them the same gift of embarrassment I received this year.