Donald Trump’s alleged missing documents

Donald Trumps alleged missing documents

Nandita Kumar, Staffer

According to an early February investigation by the National Archives, former President Donald J. Trump took multiple boxes of documents with him back to his residence in Mar a Lago, Florida after exiting office in 2021. The National Archives accrued 15 boxes of classified documents, gifts and letters that were never supposed to leave federal custody. For the most part, the contents of the boxes remain confidential, but it has been discovered that among the boxes is a letter from former President Obama (an inauguration tradition), correspondence from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and a National Weather service map of Hurricane Doian which Trump had marked up with a black Sharpie. According to Trump Administration officials, torn and shredded documents were found clogging toilets in his residence, in clear violation of the Presidential Records Act, which defines, “the United States shall reserve and retain complete ownership, possession and control of Presidential records.” Donald Trump has denied these allegations, describing them as “categorically untrue.”