Pete Davidson is not going to space


Natalie Foss, Managing Editor

 Saturday Night Live comedian and actor Pete Davidson recently announced that he would no longer be traveling to space on the most recent Blue Origin spaceflight. The New York Times said, “The company, founded by Jeff Bezos, said that Mr. Davidson, 28, was ‘no longer able to join the mission and that a replacement sixth crew member would be announced soon. No further details were given.”

Before Davidson backed out, Blue Origin announced that he would have been an “honorary guest” among five other passengers in their upcoming flight as Bezos’ guest. He has now officially been replaced with Gary Lai, “a long-time employee on the company’s next supersonic jaunt to the edge of space,” according to CNN.

The original intent of Bezos’ fourth Blue Origin space tourism mission was to discover new energy resources and materials to relocate harmful industries into space. Although Davidson’s reason for not traveling to space has not been released to the public, it gained a multitude of media attention and publicity, as many people thought he would be too busy filming his new movie. E News said that “although Pete won’t be able to make the trip now, Party America CEO Marty Allen, philanthropist Marc Hagle and wife Sharon Hagle, University of North Carolina professor Jim Kitchen, as well as Dr. George Nield, are still set to board the flight.”

Fast forward to today, Blue Origin successfully completed their space tourism mission on March 31. CNN said, “The passengers’ New Shepard capsule, which is fully autonomous, deployed plumes of parachutes after diving back into the thickest part of the Earth’s atmosphere and landed with a puff of sand in the Texas desert. On the livestream, the passengers could be heard cheering as the capsule made its touchdown, and moments later, they exited the capsule, smiling and waving.” Despite the fact that Davidson is not accompanying Bezos in space anymore, a future trip to space is still a possibility for him in the coming years, so stay tuned.