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What influences my “fashun”?

Cameron Iizuka

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“Where does your fashion inspiration come from?” – Junior George Danzelaud

Oh the places I try to go… it seems I am always trying to improve my fashion sense, but am too uncomfortable to actually change anything (a dilemma of the ages). My inspiration, though, would have to be a mix of local and global celebrities.

In the global sense, I love people like Tyler, the Creator, Timothée “Timmy T” Chalamet,

Emma Chamberlain, the old Kanye and Pharell. 

Moreso with Tyler, Kanye and Pharell, each of them possess a powerful confidence, and thus the ability to play with color and flair at their own desire. Everything they wear, from fat hats to bright Bape hoodies to their own clothing lines, have a unique flair to their brand. Notably with the old Kanye, he plays more with color and, not to insult what he’s been doing with Yeezy nowadays, it’s not hobo appropriation. Currently, his clothes cost hundreds of dollars just to look like they’re old, ripped and somewhat nasty. (No tea, no shade, but I’m not trying to spend money on anything only to look poorer, uglier, and like a boxy barrel-chested uncle.) 

By contrast, Chamberlain and Chalamet are subtler, but maintain a fun quality of androgyny and fluidity. Chamberlain’s recent youtube video of a thrift shop haul shows her embracing a “corny” side to fashion, as she puts it. I like that she wears clothes as a method to express how she feels or how she wants to feel, opposed to just for a look. She may be basic, but I think she has taste. 

And lastly with Chalamet, his most recent photoshoot with co-star Saoirse (ser-sha) Ronan for “Entertainment Weekly” shows him in women’s blouses and dresses and wow, was it amazing. I like his style because of how comfortable he is being put in any atmosphere. He fully reveal himself as an artist as well as a canvas. The frills, the pomp and the softness to it all may appear emasculating or girly to a small-minded person (likely a boomer), but in reality the normalizing of these types of photoshoots is what progresses the gender-movement we’re currently in, and nonetheless the two actors are very beautiful people in whatever they’d be put in. Both of them are unapologetic people, and dress in gender-nonconforming clothing that, undeniably, suit each of them wonderfully. 

In local spheres, I feel most inspired by the Garrett Twins. Not to say there aren’t other fashion icons in Lake Oswego, but the clothes and styles of Juniors Phoebe and Lily Garrett seem to appear most clearly as what I’d like to embody. 

The pair occupy a next-level of fashion that they seem to command every day. Some days it’s straight-leg jeans and white t-shirts and others it’s olive-drab pants and turtle-necks and blazers. Some days it’s pop-art crewnecks and Nike leggings, and others it’s wide-framed “baby” glasses and halter tops; individually these are outfits, but all together these are a whole aesthetic. It’s interesting how their fashion has such a breadth to it, from Air Force 1s and Air Jordans, to Comme des Garcons and Gucci. I’d say their fashion is “prep school meets elite-street” and occupies a higher level of fashion that is commonly visible from high school girls, and further, high schoolers as a whole. It’s no Brandy Melville, and it’s also not one specific unit or genre of fashion. Their fashion sense can only be described as cultivated youth and elegance in a modern capacity and prestige, that always manages to finesse. 

Nothing but props to everyone mentioned and their stylistic endeavors. 

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