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The award winning student newspaper of Lake Oswego High School

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The award winning student newspaper of Lake Oswego High School

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Show some respect LOHS!

As we are slightly past the halfway point through the school year, we feel the need to remind everyone to treat our school with respect. Not only is it necessary to treat every individual, staff or student, with respect and kindness, but also the building itself. 

One of these issues is leaving trash in the halls after lunch. It’s understandable that not everyone eats in the cafeteria due to space challenges, however, if you are eating in the senior hall, junior hall or anywhere else, it is expected that you don’t leave your wrappers and crumbs all over the floor. Just so everyone knows, there are trash cans conveniently located throughout the building and it’s not that difficult to dispose of your waste appropriately. Not only does this make our school look messy, but it also shows a lack of consideration for others who have classes in these spaces. Everyone needs to take responsibility for keeping our school clean and pleasant for everyone. 

Another problem is the tendency for students (looking at you, underclassmen) to stand around in the middle of the hallways during passing periods. Yes, please socialize with your friends, but not in a way that blocks the flow of traffic for everyone else. Walking through the main hallway is often like trying to part the Red Sea of congregating freshmen. There are many places in this building where you can sit and catch up with your friends, so please clear the way and let others get to class.

As the warmer weather approaches, we want to remind everyone that wearing a sports bra does not suffice as a shirt. We are all for everyone expressing their individual styles and very much aware that we don’t have a strictly enforced dress code, but please keep it PG. Additionally, please make sure you are regularly applying deodorant. The school has been smelling a little funky lately. 

It’s important to keep in mind that our school is more than just a building- it’s a place of learning, growth, and community. As we continue through the remainder of the school year, let’s keep these reminders in mind and make a collective effort to uphold these values of respect, kindness and consideration.

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